Sunday, April 20, 2008

Television Shows

This week has been up and down in TV Land. I read online that Gary Dourdan (my sole reason for watching CSI) will be leaving the show at the end of the season. I sure hope that is wrong. Then, on Law and Order, Jesse Martin is leaving. He will be shooting a movie where he will play Marvin Gaye - I probably won't see the movie, since Marvin was NOT a favorite of mine. There was no reason to leave the show (they have shot around him filming a movie before) - dang, first Sam Waterson goes to a smaller role, and now this - I am giving up on it now.

Back to Gorgeous Gary, I was only watching CSI because of him, now there is no reason. His story lines lately have not been very good so that could be the reason he decided to jump ship. It seems like they are spending a lot of time on everyone except Warrick. Oh well, that will free up my Thursday nights at 9pm now.

If you missed the Law and Order: SVU on this past Tuesday, you missed a treat. That was one of the BEST episodes of the season. It was up there with the episode that Liv and Kathy (Stabler's wife) were in the car accident and everything was cutting them out of the car was done in real time. Well, I digress. This episode, Liv went undercover in a women's prison where the prisoners were being sexually harassed by the guards and one ended up dead. Mariska Hargitay has already won an Emmy for a previous season, she should win another one - she is absolutely AWESOME. The only thing I would have changed would have been for Stabler to have gotten a hold of the guard attacking her, because he would STILL be whipping on him.

Ugly Betty starts this week! Woo hoo!! Desperate Housewives started last week, but it was pretty uneventful - they really need to get better. I was hoping that it would be as good as Season 1, but it has been very disappointing.

I better get back to my writing, I have procrastinated enough. Chapter 7 is not going to write itself.