Thursday, April 3, 2008


The topic covered in our directorate meeting yesterday was procrastination.

It was pretty interesting, especially when I learned there were different types of procrastinators. The two that I remembered was the one that procrastinated to avoid a task - which I do so well. Who doesn't? Anyone who says that they don't procrastinate is lying; there is something that each person hates to do and avoids when possible. Housework, paying bills, washing clothes, calling that relative that doesn't know how to stop talking.

It is so funny because the lady in the office next to me knows just when I am doing that. I should be working on something, but I will send her a joke I received or something that I found on the internet. She says, uhhhh aren’t you supposed to be working. Well I get to it - eventually. If not doing that, I will rearrange my desk or my pictures. Anything to get in that mindset that I need to tackle the task at hand.

The other type of procrastinator I know that I am NOT. It is called a genius procrastinator. That procrastinator loves the crunch and pressure of a looming deadline - they work best that way.
I do not work well under pressure. My blood pressure gets high enough, why add something on purpose.