Thursday, April 24, 2008

California Memories Revisited

This weekend, I was watching the movie - Pretty Woman again. One time I was watching it, I wrote the following blog. It sparked memories of my time in California - good memories.


It is amazing at the things that spark memories.

Tonight, there is nothing on television, so I have resorted to watching an old movie - a good one - but old. Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. I love the movie, and I have seen it more times than I can count.

It made me think of a guy that I dated while living in California. He was a very good boyfriend, nice, sweet, smart, funny, and dare I say very cute. (note I did not say HOT). LOL

He was about 6'1", blonde hair, green eyes and a total surfer dude. We did something different every week, usually dinner at a different place around San Fernando Valley, or a movie. He liked this one movie theater right in Hollywood, it was like something out of the movies (no pun intended). It was two stories, with carpet, and had old fashioned popcorn makers outside each theater.

I said all of that to say that Pretty Woman was the movie that we went to on our first date, and we went to dinner at a pizza parlor. I thought that everyone was staring at us since we were an interracial couple. From my perspective, it looked like everyone was looking. Doug kept asking me what was wrong, and after a while I finally told him. He said, "they are probably looking at you because you are looking at them." LOL This was during my shy phase - yes, I had a shy phase.

Well, I did get over it because him saying that put me at ease, and I was even more at ease since he was not worried about it either way.

Whenever he came to pick me up for a date, he brought a bouquet of flowers to me. Did I say he was sweet?

He was very outgoing too. One night, Doug and I went to a Laker game one night, and we were sitting in the stands. There were these guys sitting a couple of rows down from us. There were three of them and they were loud, and carrying on really wild. Well, one of them had the Three Stooges tattooed or drawn on his head. Doug was like, "oh man, that is so cool."

He kept commenting on it, and the guys were getting louder and louder. I finally told him, "okay, let's shave all of your hair off and tattoo the Three Stooges in your head." He looked at me as if he did not see my humor." LOL

Well, he went to do a refreshment run, and would Douglas get up and go down our side? No…… we were seated on one end, the guys were on the other end. He went all the way around, and went down to them and got a close up look of the tattoo. I just slid down in my seat saying "I'm gonna kill him." There was a couple behind us, and the lady said "Oh my God, I cannot believe he went down there to them." I told her that I couldn't believe it either. But, looking back - that was the way that he was, he never met a stranger and talked to any and everybody. He came back and said that the guys were really cool. I just shook my head - what else could I say.

I often wonder what he is up to. The last time I talked to him was the last time that I visited LA back in 1994. My time with him is a good memory to revisit tonight while watching a good movie.